• Pizza Holiday

  • When Montana native Anson and his Russian wife Tanya moved to Baku over 10 years ago, there really wasn't much in the way of decent pizza. Tanya was looking for something to keep herself occupied, so they started experimenting with different dough proving techniques and trying out the results on their friends. The friends loved it and the rest, as they say, is history. Four\r\nyears on and the Pizza Holiday family are doing a roaring trade, very much deserving of their well-earned rest on Monday's day off. The pizza, as NY-style dictates, is wide, thin-crust, foldable and melt in the mouth tasty. The trick, says Tanya, is fresh, well-rested dough and their special sauce - a secret recipe, natch. With takeaway delivered in special thermo-bags sourced directly from NYC, it is easy to see why this is Baku's preferred pizza.
    • Lermontov St, 119, Old City
    • +994 12 497 3772
    • 10am-10pm; closed Mondays.

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